Trumbull Homes is known for its perfect blend of yesterday’s personal services and integrity with today’s most sophisticated methods and equipment.

Working with noted architects and interior designers, the Trumbull Homes team attends to every detail from foundation to roof.


Traditional homes are completely at ease in most any setting from upscale communities and suburban neighborhoods to rural and waterside venues. Perfect for families and individuals looking for a house with old-fashioned charm updated for modern lifestyles, Traditional homes provide an opportunity to create a personalized vision of what a home should be. Trumbull Homes is well versed in traditional homes and ideally suited to be your builder.


Modern residential architecture draws on a wide variety of influences, from the Prairie-style designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, to the mid-century modern homes characteristic of the International movement, to the A-frame and geometric house plans of recent decades. The unifying factors are a disregard for historical precedent and a general sense of minimalism. Many modern home designs also take advantage of advances in building technology and materials to create unique and innovative designs. Glass, concrete, vinyl and wood – often with an industrial look to them – emphasize the concept of progressive architecture. Abundant windows are characteristic of modern home designs, creating a connection to the outdoors. Contemporary house plans offer flexible space and flexible usage, allowing the homeowner to tailor the home’s functionality to their lifestyle. At Trumbull Homes we are up to date with the current trends and application of materials and concepts.

Historical Renovations

Historical renovations can hold unique challenges, and you need an experienced construction firm to address them. We work closely with the owner, the architect, the engineer and Historical Commissions, then carefully study the history of the building to learn more about what materials were used in construction, the time it was built and how it was built. We understand your value of your historic architecture or older building, Trumbull Homes offers services to restore the nostalgic charm of the original building or residence.